Citrix XenServer 5 – some packages appeared damaged install error

by Eddy on

Recently I am hearing lot about Citrix XenServer virtualization so i thought let’s give it a try. On Citrix website 30 days XenServer trial is available for download so I started downloading XenServer 5 Enterprise Edition. I have to fill out a lengthy form before i got to actual download page. Citrix XenServer 5 product installer includes XenServer and XenCenter administration console which is like VMware ESX infrastructure client. The Citrix XenServer 5 Product installer is available in form of ISO with download size of 296 MB.

There is note on Citrix XenServer download page regarding ISO image that image should be burn onto CD before installation use. However if you are going to install XenServer 5 on HP, Dell or IBM blade servers then you can directly mount ISO image on blade server to proceed with Citrix XenServer installation. In my lab i am using HP blade server to install XenServer 5 so i started my installation without CDROM.I started Citrix XenServer 5 installation but after running installation for several minutes i received this error:

Problem found.

Some Packaged appeared damaged. These were dom0fs.

I restarted Citrix XenServer 5 installation again but it failed with same error related to dom0fs package error.I tried XenServer 5 download again but i received same error again and again. I searched online but didn’t find much information. After several failures i felt like giving up but then i decided to give it a last try so i tried downloading XenServer but this time instead of using Citrix download manager i decided to use manual download. It turned out there was error with the Citrix download manager because when i downloaded ISO manually and Citrix XenServer installation worked fine without any package error. I hope Citrix will fix this issue soon.

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