Fixed VMware Error Failed to create journal File provider

by Eddy on

Last week while working doing new VMware View setup i was deploying some Windows XP desktops running as VMware ESX guest , i noticed some weirdness.

I received this error when i was deploying Windows XP workstation from VMware Virtual Center :

A general error occured : Failed to create journal File provider

Strangely enough i created several desktops before but when i was working on fresh Windows XP VMware virtual desktop deployment it failed when i tried to power-on the VMware virtual desktop.Looking closely into the error message it appeared to me that something is wrong on VMware ESX host server where /var/log filesystem uses journaling . The /var/log file system on VMWare ESX stores all log related to alerts, monitoring and all operations related to VMware guest OS.

So i logged onto the esx server using ssh from my Putty terminal. By running a quick df -h on all filesystems , i noticed /var/log was 100% , to me that definitely sounds wrong.I removed some older archived kernel alert files to free up some space and then Jumped back onto my Virtual Center Console . As soon as i powered-on the Windows XP VMware guest it worked very well without any error message. So if you are getting this errror “

A general error occurred :Failed to create journal File provider” ,

then look into /var/log filesystem on VMware ESX host for disk space.

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Martyn September 1, 2011 at 4:07 AM

thanks for this mate, worked a treat.

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