How to enable telnet in Windows 7

by Eddy on

Telnet in Windows 7 .. I understand Microsoft decided not to ship Windows 7 operating system with telnet enabled. Now a days no one uses telnet because of security reasons ,but telnet is the only tool that can let you test the open ports on remote server, for example if you want to see if ssh or http port is enabled on remote server from Windows 7 workstation the telnet is the best command that you can run for finding out opened ports.You can enable both telnet Server and telnet client in Windows 7 using Program and Features from control panel.

How to enable Telnet in Windows 7

1.For enabling telnet in a Windows 7 desktop or Laptop , first go to Start.

2.Select Control Panel and go to Programs , from Programs and Features click on “Uninstall a program

3.From left click onĀ  Windows features on or off, and Select Telnet Server or Telnet client.

4.Make sure to check the Telnet client and click on OK.

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