HP Free Xbox 360 Back to School coupon offer

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HP Free Xbox 360 Back To School Offer

HP Back to School promotional offer is now giving Free Xbox 360 with the select purchase of HP PC (includes laptops and desktops) for $699 using the coupon code online on HP store. The students can take advantage of Back to School offer and get FREE 4 GB XBox 360. The Xbox 360 servers the dual purpose as it will let you stream onto your TV with integrated wi-fi.

How to Reedem the FREE XBox 360 using Back to School offer:

1.Click here to visit the HP Academy store and Sign in , if you don’t have the HP Academy account then you can register to setup a new account.
2.Select the laptop or desktop included in FREE Xbox 360 offer:

  1. The laptop included in offer are –  ENVY 4t-1000, Pavilion dv7t-6c00, ENVY 6t-1000, Folio 13t-1000, Pavilion dv6t-7000, Pavilion dv7t-7000, ENVY 15t-3000, ENVY 17t-3000, ENVY 14t-3000 SPECTRE, ENVY 17t-3000 3D, dv7-6c60us, 13-1020us, dv7-6c80us, dv7-6c90us, 15-3040NR, 14-3010NR, 17-3070NR, 17-3090NR, HP Folio 13, dv6-7014nr, dv7-7012nr, Probook 5330m.
  2. the desktop includes following HP desktop -h8-1220t, h8-1230z, h8-1240t, h8-1280t, h9-1100z, h9-1120t, h9-1150t, h9-1170t, 220- 1150xt, 220-1180qd, 220-1185qd, 27-1010t, 27-1015t, 420-1100t, 520-1100z, 520-1140t, 520-1160xt, 520-1165xt, 610-1250xt, 610- 1280qd, 620-1110 Intel, TS 320-1050, h8-1233, h8-1239, h8-1242, 23-1020, 23-1065, 23-1075, 27-1054, h9-1135, h9-1185, TS 520-1030, TS 520-1050, TS 520-1070.

3.These offers requires proof of student status either a email with .edu account or Student ID.
4.4GB Xbox is valued at $199.99 and is the only product available to receive for free with this offer. (HHO part #DJ5477, Microsoft part #RKB-00001). The product discount of $199.99 will be applied with a coupon to the PC in your order. Customer will still need to pay for tax for the 4GB Xbox.

HP Free Xbox 360 Back To School Offer

The coupon code promotional offer is s valid in the US only from 5/20/2012-9/8/2012 or while supplies last. The coupon code is XBOX360.

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