Linked clones in VMware View 3

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What are Linked clone desktops ?

Linked clone desktops are virtual desktops that can be created using VMware View Composer from a single base image and use considerably less storage space than non linked clone desktops.

Because each linked clone virtual machine is cloned from a common source, desktops in the pool can be deployed extremely rapidly and simultaneously upgraded, patched, and maintained without affecting user data. Linked clone.

The VMware View Composer feature enables View Manager Administrators to rapidly clone and deploy multiple desktops from a single centralized base image, called a Parent VM. Once the desktops have been created they remain indirectly linked to a snapshot residing on the Parent VM. For using Linked clone technology you must install VMware View Composer agents on the parent virtual machine when you install VMware View agent on XP/Vista desktop.

As shown in picture above to generated linked clone VM’s VMware View composer first create a repica, replicas are created from base image (Parent VMware Virtual machine) and snapshot taken off that parent VM.These steps will appear as tasks under vCenter client when you use VMware View Manager to deploy Linked clone Virtual desktops.

In my lab environment i am successfully running Windows vista virtual desktops using VMware View linked clone feature, this is really one of the great feature i have ever seen in virtualization product. VMware View helped me save lot of disk storage space in deploying VMware virtual desktop using linked clone feature on my EMC SAN.

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