New Tool in Windows 7 beta -Snipping Tool

by Eddy on

There are some new features and new tools that have been added to Windows 7 like Advanced Firewall, Improved task bar, Jump Lists, Internet explorer 8 and the one i really liked is Faster , more responsive performance.

Windows 7 really does a better and fast startup, shutdown,resumes from standby modeMicrosoft always mentioned that newer Operating system really comes with performance enhancements that wasn’t true for Windows Vista but this time they Windows 7 really does better job in performance.

I am still trying out what’s new in Windows 7 beta but the tool that really catched my attention is really impressive, Windows 7 comes with Snipping Tool which is very useful specially for bloggers .The Snipping Tool currently comes with some baisc feature like you can scrap text and useful pictures using this tool, it doesn’t comes with all those features that are available in Snagit. The Snipping tool in Windows 7 allows users to capture , edit and share information¬† of web and local pictures (images).Snipping allows you to send the capture image/text to anyone using the option listed on the menu options, how nice :-). I would say Windows 7 Snipping tool is very useful Features that everyone will love to use on Windows platform, Snagit costs around $49 , if you are going to use Windows 7 you will get free Snipping tool to use some of the feature that Snagit provides :-)

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