PC Buyers can get Windows 7 this year after July

by Eddy on

Microsoft didn’t confirmed final release date for Windows 7 yet, there are lot of speculations on final release date for Windows 7.New PC buyers have hard time dealing with Windows Vista, lot of people still prefers Windows XP. Even with Windows Vista Service Pack 1 release Vista is not even close to Windows XP in performance comparison but Windows 7 is going to be better then both.

According to Mary Jo Windows 7 release date could be Q3 2009 but Microsoft is still saying early 2010. Also Mary Jo is reporting that Tech ARP may have found some information on Windows 7 release date. According to Tech ARP Microsoft provided PC partners with a first pass draft of its Tech Guarantee documentation on December 10. If you are planning to buy new PC and wouldn’t want to use Windows Vista then it is really worth waiting few more months as new PC buyers will get Windows 7 Free upgrade with new PC. As per Tech ARP site if this date is going to be correct then Windows Vista Home Premium purchasers will get a free upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium. The Windows Vista Business users will get an upgrade to Windows 7 Professional. And users who buy PCs running Windows Vista Ultimate starting July 1 will get a free upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. PC buyers will receive the free Windows 7 updates some time after Windows 7 becomes generally available – a date not mentioned in the Tech ARP posting. Last Year PC word reported that Windows 7 should be released by October 2009 but with Tech ARP report it looks like Windows 7 can be released by July 2009.

The following Windows 7 upgrade will be available from Microsoft for Windows Vista users:

1. Windows Vista® Home Premium -> Windows® 7 Home Premium

2. Windows Vista® Business -> Windows® 7 Professional

3. Windows Vista® Ultimate -> Windows® 7 Ultimate

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