Understanding VMware View 3 package offering

by Eddy on

VMware View 3 is available in available in two editions Enterprise and Premier as bundled solutions. This sounds very confusing to some of the folks interested in purchasing VMware View 3, for some understanding what they  really need for your environment ,but it is not that complicated as what you think.

I will do my best to simplfy this for you .To get started lets take a case where  you are already running VMware Infrastructure in your environment and intesreted to purchase VMware View 3 for virtual desktop deployments ,then you only need to purchase VMware View 3 Enterprise edition which costs $50/concurrent desktop (ccd) .VMware View 3 Enterprise edition will give you ability to use VMware View Manager (Connection server – a broker  and a web console) , to manage virtual desktops, you would need to install VMware connection software on existing VMware vCenter Server (formerly VMware virtualCenter Server) . However if you are looking for  application virtualization and you have plans to deploy large number of virtual desktop then you should seriouly look into buying Premier version of VMware View 3, which comes with ThinAPP and linked clone technology offered by VMware View Composer , costs $150 ccd.

If you are not running VMware Infrastructure in your IT environment and planning to get your hands on VMware View 3 then it would cost $150 ccd for buying VMware View Enterprise editon and $250 for Premier edition. Those who are new to VMware they have to decide whether they want Application virtualization and Linked cloned technology to buy Premier or less expensive Vmware View 3 Enterpriser version. For large virtual desktop deployments buying Premier VMware View 3 really make much sense because by using VMware View Composer Linked Clone technology to create virtual desktops from a single master image they can save up to 70 percent less storage space.. that’s a huge saving on SAN expense.

Here is a link on VMware website for information on License pricing and features you will get with VMware View 3



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