Verizon High Speed Internet Back to School deals

by Eddy

Verizon High Speed no contract High Speed Internet deals is the best Internet deals available online, with low budget of $14.99/month and no contract High speed offer is available online.The lowest budget High speed Internet offers  a download speed of .5 – 1 Mbps and 9 email accounts, 10 MB personal web space and a FREE wireless router at no extra cost.High Speed Internet  provisioned at .5 – 1Mbps based on VZ line qualification requirements. $60 in online savings: $5/month discount via bill credit for customers ordering online will commence after service activation and will continue for 12 consecutive months.

Verizon High Speed Internet Back to School deals

  • Verizon High Speed Internet $14.99/month and save $5/month for a year.
  • Verizon High Speed Internet .5 to 1Mbps
  • The online High Speed costs $14.99/month on ordering online.
  • No annual contract required
  • Get Free wireless router (online only) and save $34.99
  • Online offer Valid 7.21.11 thru 10.15.11

Verizon High Speed Internet for Only $14.99/mo with no term agreement + Free Wireless Router

Source: Verizon

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