VMware Fusion 2 for MacOS for $39.99

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Mac OS X VMware Fusion 2 for $39.99

VMware Fusion 2 allows Mac OS X users to double the number of virtual CPU’s that can be assigned to guest virtual machine. VMware Fusion 2 also offers experimental support for 4-way vSMP virtual machines.If you are a Mac user and want to run Microsoft Windows Operating system – Windows XP or Windows Vista withoyut reboot then VMware Fusion offers that functionality.

Using VMware Fusion 2 you can run :

  • Windows operating side-by side with your Mac O X without rebooting your Mac OS X. There is disk partioning required.
  • VMware Fusion 2 allows Mac OS X users to run multiple applications across multiple screens.you can instantly launch Windows applications from any Mac file, the Dock and more.
  • VMware Fusion 2 users can use Expose to switch between Mac OS X and Windows OS applications, users can minimize Microsoft Windows applications to  the Doc.
  • VMware Fusion allows Mac OS X users to run 3D games, design software and other graphics-intensive apps with support for DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 2 3D hardware-accelerated graphics
  • using VMware Fusion 2 you can use Windows-only USB devices on your Mac, including GPS receivers, cell phones, PDAs, and iSight cameras.

VMware Fusion 2 costs $79.99 if you are buying directly from VMware website, you can use paypal account to purchase VMware Fusion 2 from VMware site, VMware accepts Paypal.However if you want to save some money, VMware Fusion 2 is available at cheaper price on sale at $59.99 with Free Super Saving Shipping. This is surprising that VMware Fusion 2, is really $10 cheaper if you buy it from Amazon. One of my friend just called me and told me that he brought VMware Fusion for his Mac from Amazon for $39.99, when i checked it on Amazon, i find out that Amazon is offering special discount sale price on VMware Fusion 2 using a rebate which is valid only this month. If you are looking to run Windows OS on your Mac then this is the right time . You can buy VMware Fusion 2 for $39.99 with Free shipping offer , click here to read the details on VMware Fusion coupon/rebate

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