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VMware announced their revamped Provisioning and Virtualization product – VMware View 3 availability on December 2, 2008. VMware renamed their existing desktop virtualization product formerly known as VMware desktop infrastructure to VMware View 3.

VMware View 3 is not only a renamed product but newly  added technologies like VMware View Composer, VMware ThinAPP, Offline desktop, Unified Access, Virtual Printing and virtual desktop multimedia redirection really makes VMware View 3 a  enterprise-class solution available in today’s market.The VMware View  Composer is a new product which  uses Linked Clone technology to create virtual desktops rapidly from a baseline desktop (XP/Vista) image while consuming up to 70 percent less storage space. The VMware View composer comes with VMware View 3 premier Editon, i am going to talk about VMware View 3 product offering later on.The VMware View 3 Composer most outstanding feature is automated image preparation and provisioning technology which take only seconds and are centrally controlled by VMware View Manager. In addition, View Composer can reduce management costs by enabling IT to update thousands of individual virtual desktops by simply updating the single master image with a patch or application update and then applying the changes to each desktop cloned from the master image. View Composer provides this one-to-many image updating while preserving user data, settings, and preferences so patching is seamless to end users.

If you are new to VMware View 3 then you should look into VMware View 3 product offering.VMware View 3 is a family of products available in two editions:

  • VMware View 3, Enterprise Edition: includes VMware Infrastructure Enterprise Edition and VMware View Manager 3, a flexible desktop management server enabling IT administrators to quickly provision and tightly control user access.
  • VMware View 3, Premier Edition: includes VMware Infrastructure Enterprise Edition, VMware View Manager 3, VMware ThinApp for agentless application virtualization and VMware View Composer, a new product that enables IT staff to create multiple virtual desktops from a single image, increasing the speed of provisioning desktops and reducing storage requirements.

If you are currently running VMware Infrastructure Enterpirse in your environment then deploying VMware View 3 gets much easier because you can use existing VMware ESX hosts to create pool of virtual desktops and VMware vCenter server (formely VMware virtual center) to setup VMware View 3 Composer server. The only thing you will need to setup is VMware connection server (broker) that runs on Windows 2003 server, you can setup  VMware View 3 connection server on VMware ESX virtual machine (vm) or on physical servers.

If you want to try new VMware View 3 then VMware has 60 days trial program, here is the link for VMware View 3 trial offer :

Try  VMware View 3 for 60 days .

In VMware View 3 trial program you will get 60 days license for following products

VMware View Manager 3 with Composer and Offline Desktop for 100 VM’s

VMware ESX 3.5

VMware vCenter Server

VMware ThinApp 4.x Packager

VMware Workstation 6 (Windows)

In Next couple of days i will be deploying VMware View 3 in my lab and post my experience here. stay tuned.

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