What's new in VMware vCenter 4

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VMware renamed their product branding with release of VMware ESX 4.0, VMware Virtual Center server is now called as VMware vCenter . The new VMware vCenter 4 comes loaded with several new features.VMware vCenter has advanced search feature added , so if you are running several hundreds VM’ you can use advanced search capability to search by name, Operating system Type, datastore names and also you can search those datastores running out of space.

What’s new in VMware vCenter 4.0

VMware vCenter 4 User Interface Features added:

  • VMware vCenter 4 added new home menu to their Front end user interface
  • VMware vCenter comes with enhanced Inventory search menu.
  • VMware vCenter has Storage VMotion GUI
  • Vmware vCenter 4 comes with License Reporting.

What’s new in vCenter Infrastrastructure Monitoring & Monitoring

  • vCenter 4 comes with Hardware Monitoring (CIM).
  • Storage Maps and Reporting.
  • Resource usage stats.
  • vCenter Service status
  • Improved Performance charts,Events and alarms.


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